Exchange Rules and Guidelines

Having the full code on your site is required because Fans Fans Fans is a banner exchange.
  1. fanlistings Web sites should be listed at any one of these places: TFL, TAFL, and Alterlistings.
  2. Feel free to put a fanlistings site in any category you want if your choice is reasonable enough. Please refer to the Listed section for reference and ideas on where you might can put your site in.
  3. Because this site is mainly for fanlistings Web sites, only these kinds of sites can be put in multiple categories. fanlistingsing collectives, hate lists, shrines, and fan sites must only be put into their own category. If your shrine or fan site has a fanlistings inside it, you may put it in multiple categories together with the Shrines or Fan Sites category.
  4. If you are submitting an Adult site that happens to also belong in other categories, then it must only be put in the Adult category on this site.
  5. You can put your fanlistings site in as many categories as you want if all of the choices are reasonable enough and does not break the rules above.
  6. The image you upload needs to be in this size: 200 × 40 pixels.
  7. Please have the code on the first page of your site instead of a Links, Site, or Exits page. Feel free to put the code on a Links page or another page of your site only if you already have the code on the first page.

Other Things to Know

  1. You can directly delete your account(s) at any time. If you move your site, change e-mail addresses, or close your site, please update your details.
  2. fanlistingss and hate lists should be updated at least once every 6 months.
  3. Fan sites, shrines, and fanlistingsing collectives don't have to be updated. However, they might still be removed depending on the condition of the site.