Like Photoshop and other programs, the Code Generator is a tool to help you generate, crop, and/or edit images. This generator can generate some simple yet good enough "codes" in the most common sizes (200x40, 100x50, 100x35, 88x31, 75x50, and 50x50). In the world of fan sites, "code" can be a word commonly referring to images used as link buttons and banners. If you skip the two Text fields, this tool will still crop the image into all of the sizes. Then, you can further edit the cropped images in other programs such as Photoshop. Only the image file and the math field are required for this generator to work. There are 152964 images that have been generated from this tool.

update June 2017: as of today, codes will generated with average color as the chosen border color instead of black and white to get the best codes with just one click.

Both the image you upload and the ones generated from this tool will automatically be deleted by the system after around 24 hours.

If you want something other than the Wendy font, change your font here!

Individual Colors
Replace border and text colors with hexadecimal colors (without the #).