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This site is a links directory and banner rotation for fanlistings and similar listings (Hatelistings, Alterlistings...), fan sites, shrines and fanlisting collectives.

There are 671 sites (with 1 pending) listed here.

Fans Fans Fans was started by Sasha in November of 2001. She thought that it was hard to get more people onto her fanlistings, so she had the idea to start a site where people can put a code that displays random banners. This way, it helps fanlistings get more traffic and maybe more "members" or "fans"!

After other owners maintaining the site, it was handed down to Martina in 2007.

Latest Site

Using the last site* that was added as an example, the banner rotation code put on your site will display something like this:
* If the site is in the Adult category, it will not be shown on this page.


Dead link check

December 27, 2022

I did a complete check of links and removed at about 150 sites that were either dead links or did not have the code up.

New Categories: Fandoms

December 25, 2022

I thought, Fandoms might be much more interesting as a category for your fanlistings. If you have certain bigger fandoms that might be great to add, please tell me by Mail

Back online

December 25, 2022

I'm sorry for the long time offline. Fansfansfans.net is back online free to join. We were hacked, which was at the same time as some serious personal issues that kept me from solving it quickly.

Data lost

Unfortunately our host uploaded an old site version when moving servers, so that everything was back to status of October 2018. I could re-add most of the links (if not all), but the banner images were lost. So if you're missing either your site or your banner, please re-add them or drop me a mail with the banner image.

Changes due to GDPR

Due to the GDPR laws I switched fansfansfans.net to https so that your data is even more save now. If you switch to https, too, you can update the include codes of fansfanfans.net to link to https instead of http. Otherwise the fansfanfans banner might not show up.